Getting Started with Amwal

This page will help you get started with Amwal. You'll be up and running in minutes!


You're on your way to easily integrate with Amwal! Here's some of the things you'll want to check out.


In order to start and integrate with Amwal, you will need Sandbox and Production keys. below are the steps to obtain them and the difference between them:

Sandbox Keys

  • After that you will see Sandbox key available to be copied in that store
  • Now you can use it as merchant-id in Amwal Plugins and test our services.
  • Sandbox Key will be tested in a virtual environment, this means no real money is used
  • Sandbox Key should be tested using Test Cards, see below:

Production Keys

  • To obtain a Production Key, you will need to activate your account first by clicking on "Go Live" in your store.
  • Fill the form with the required data, after that, it will be reviewed by Amwal, and you will receive an email containing either approval or more actions required.
  • Once you get approved, you will find a new Production Key field you can copy and use as merchant-id in Amwal Plug ins.


Keep In Mind

Using Production Key require using the same domain provided in "Go Live" form

Test Cards:

Card NumberCardholder NameExpiry DateCCV
4111 1111 1111 1111Any05/23123
4242 4242 4242 4242Any05/23123
5204 7300 0000 2514Any05/23251