Transaction Status

All transactions have an status that is associated with a stage in the transaction processing workflow.

Transaction status:

FailfailIndicates a transaction did not go through due to issues like insufficient funds or bank declines.
SuccesssuccessThe transaction was completed without any issues, and the funds have been transferred successfully.
Partially refundedpartially refundedPart of the transaction amount has been returned to the customer, possibly due to a partial return.
RefundedrefundedThe entire transaction amount has been returned to the customer, typically due to order cancellation.
RedirectedredirectedThe transaction has been rerouted to installment option.
Payment initiatedinitiatedA transaction has been started and the payment information has been recorded, awaiting further processing.

Transaction status workflow:

Amwal Order Details Webhook:

Verification step where the order's existence and status are confirmed on the Amwal server before further processing.