When performing the initial installation, you are required to click the save button in order to apply the default changes.

Amwal API Key

To be able to start integration with Amwal you need API Key, You can find a detailed description and types of keys we support from this section

Amwal API Secret

  • You will need to add the Amwal API Secret in order to be able to refund orders from order details view using Amwal.
  • Amwal API Secret can be found in the section labeled Secret API Key, which is located below the section labeled Sandbox key at Amwal Merchant Dashboard


Currency short-code that you support in your Website. We are currently support SA currencies so this is the default value

Guest Auto Login

By enabling this option, the guest will be able to automatically login after a successful transaction and view the thank-you page.

Dark Mode

When Dark Mode is enabled, the Amwal Checkout button will be in a dark theme.





Debug Mode

When debug mode is enabled, the Amwal plugin will maintain an error log