Magento Installation Guide

Install the Amwal Checkout Magento Plugin

There a fast way to add the plugin to your Magento store. Below we will explain it.

Composer (recommended)

In the root directory of your Magento installation run the following command:

Require the composer package

composer require amwal/payments


If you are using DDEV

The composer command would be ddev composer require amwal/payments

Manual Upload through FTP (not recommended)

  1. Go to and select the latest release.
  2. Under the “Assets” click the “Source code (zip)” to download the package
  3. Login to your server with your preferred FTP client (eg. FileZilla) and navigate go to your Magento
    root directory
  4. Go to the app/code directory
  5. Create a new directory "Amwal/Payments"
  6. Unzip the source code you have just downloaded, and open the folder
    “amwal-magento-[RELEASE-NUMBER]” where “[RELEASE-NUMBER]” is the number of the release you
    have downloaded.
  7. Upload all contents of the above folder to the /app/code/Amwal/Payments folder on your server

After adding the plugin

Once the plugin is added to your store you will need to enable it. To do this you will need to run the following commands from the root directory of your Magento store.

1. Enable the module

bin/magento module:enable Amwal_Payments

2. Run the setup upgrade command to ensure all required modifications are applied

bin/magento setup:upgrade

3. Run the Compile DI command to ensure all required generated code is available

bin/magento setup:di:compile

4. Run the static content deployment command to make sure all static files are available

bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

5. Flush the Magento cache

bin/magento cache:flush


If you are using DDEV

bin/magento becomes ddev magento